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City Guide

Adiyaman City Guide


Located at the west of Southeastern Anatolia Region, taking ıts stage in history rather early dating back to the existence of first man and hosting various different cultures ,Adıyaman is an important culture and tourism center. Along with this, Adıyaman is known to be one of the oldest settlements on Earth; discoveries from every human phase are found on the region. Adıyaman also fascinates its visitors with the ruins of Mt. Nemrut known as the 8th Wonder of World, the ruins of Commagene, Atatürk Dam ,the fourth biggest dam in the world, Çamgazi Dam, Winter Camping Organisation and finally with the world champion local folk dances.

Sites of interest

Adıyaman, Kâhta and Besni castles, Adıyaman Museum, Cendere Bridge, Ruins at Mt.Nemrut, Karakuş Hill, Pirin (Perre) and Gümüşkaya caves, Gölbaşı Lakes.


Adıyaman Museum Address: Atatürk Cad. Adıyaman Open hours to visit: 08.30-12.00 , 13.00-17.30