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City Guide

Ağrı City Guide


Ağrı ,taking place on a 1650 meter high plateau, named after the majestic mountain that can be seen from the city centre. Ağrı is a gateway of east where you can have an overall view of Türkiye from the highest point. Ağrı hosted various nations and civilisations throughout history. It is one of the important tourism centres of the east with suitable tracks of the legendary mountain for mountain climbing and trekking in summers, skiing in winters.

Sites of Interest

İshak Pasha Palace, Fish Lake (Balık Gölü), Sinek Plateaus, Mt. Ağrı Mt. Tendürek , Meteor Cavity, Doğubeyazıt Castle, Underground Church, Diyadin Hot Springs, Aznavurtepe (Urartu Hill).

Historical Sites and Ruins

İshakpaşa Palace Doğubayazıt

Thermal Springs

Ağrı is rich with its thermal centers. There are Yılanlı, Davut and Köprü thermal springs in Diyadin . Spring waters are beneficial for rheumatism and dermatological problems.

Buz Cave

The cave taking place on the slope of Mount Ağrı , near Telçeker town, fascinates the visitors with stalactites and stalagmites. Regular daily tours are arranged to the cave.

Ornithology Areas

Sarısu Plains, Doğubeyazıt Sazlığı