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If a large amount of sour apple is eaten, it causes forgetfulness.


1. Blood making: Eating apple health cure is beneficial.
2. Pregnancy: Sweat apple removes nausea of pregnant women.
3. Causes sleep: Eating apple before going to bed makes you sleep well.
4. Losing weight: Eating an apple before going to bed helps digestion and helps losing weight.
5. Makes your brain work more: Eat a big amount of apple.
6. Throwing secretion in the body away: It throws the harmful salt in the body away.
7. Beautifies the body: If you eat 2 apples before you go to bed, your face looks whiter when you wake up.
8. Acne-eczema: Apple health cure is consumed.
9. Cooling and relieving thirst: If you feel thirsty, you’d better eat an apple, cucumber, watermelon, melon.
10. Helps digestion: Eating apple helps digestion, but without peeling its skin.
11. Facilitating the kidneys: Eating apple facilitates digestion.
12. Bronchitis, flu, and angina: Apple seeds are grounded and boiled. In the morning, it is strained and sweetened with honey and gargled. The tea is drunk.
13. Widening the vessels: The ore of the apple is boiled with lemon balm and sweetened with honey. It is drunk cold regularly.
14. Intestine maggots: Apple seed is grounded and boiled with pumpkin and strained and drunk one glass of it. No food is consumed for one or two hours. The patient does it so for a week.
15. Vesicle, inflammations in the mouth: Apple is eaten when hungry.
16. Stomach ulcer: Apple is consumed.
17. Poisoning: Apple leaves are boiled and drunk after sweetened with honey.
18. Jaundice: The patient continues apple health cure.
19. Liver strengthening: The patient continues apple health cure.
20. Exhaustion: The one who is exhausted continues to consume apple syrup.
21. Anemia: The patient continues to use apple syrup.
22. Abscess: Apple is cooked and its porridge is tied onto the abscess.
23. Eye strengthening: Since it contains vitamin A, it strengthens eyes.
24. Fever: Apple is eaten and its juice is drunk.


Apple is a useful medicine for winter illnesses. Apple should be picked one by one without giving any form to prevent them from being rotten. If it is kept in barley or barley straw, it stays fresh for a long time. It makes brain wok and cleans the blood.