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If consumed when hungry, it is very strong purgative. If consumed over the dose, blood becomes watery and whitish. If freshly eaten, it increases gall, if consumed when dry it stops gall.


Anti-diarrhea, its seed stops diarrhea.


1. Cooling: Apricot has a cooling effect.
2. Killing intestine maggots: 3-4 apricot seeds are grounded and drunk.
3. Debility: Eating apricot strengthens the nerves.
4. Digestion: It helps digestion.
5. Relieves brain exhaustion: If eaten with walnut, it is beneficial especially for intellectuals.
6. Increasing blood amount: Eating apricot increases blood amount.
7. Relieves thirst: Eating apricot relieves thirst.
8. Makes you sleepy: Over consuming apricot makes you sleepy.
9. Appetizing: It helps digestion and it is an appetizer.
10. Constipation: Fresh apricot is consumed.
11. Strengthening bones: Apricot is consumed.


Jam, paste, compote can be made out of apricot. Its seeds are also beneficial for health. As it lacks large amounts of apricot and it heals constipation. It is used for losing weight. It shouldn’t be consumed too much.