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Natural Pharmacy




It may cause constipation.


1. Increasing the urine amount: Its fruit is steeped with couch grass and drunk after being sweetened with honey.
2. Cleaning the blood: Arnica, sage and blackberry leaf are steeped together, sweetened with honey and drunken cold.
3. Kidney problems: Arnica is steeped with horsetail, sweetened with honey and drunk regularly.
4. For people who are allergic to fat: Arnica is steeped, sweetened with honey and drunk an hour before the meal.
5. Exhaustion, weariness: Arnica is steeped and sweetened with honey and drunk.
6. Burnt: Its leaves and flowers are steeped, strained and then made cream with honey. This cream is then applied onto the burnt place.
7. Wounds: Its leaves and flowers are boiled and made porridge. This porridge is tied onto the wound.
8. Flu, cough, and influenza: It contains a large amount of vitamin C. it strengthens the body resistance. It protects from flu, cough and influenza. It is boiled, sweetened with honey and drunk.


Its fruits are dried and sold in herbalists and its marmalade can be bought anywhere. The vitamin C that fresh arnica has in 1kg is equal for the vitamin that 17kg orange has; so its fruit juice is very healthy and useful.