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Azienda Di Bartolini

Azienda Di Bartolini


This Umbrian estate has been in the Bar tolini family since 1850 and their untiring efforts to increase the quality of their produce have resulted in a prize-winning extra-virgin olive oil.
Situated near Valnerina in the province of Terni the olive groves are planted mainly with Moraiolo, with Frantoio and Leccino as the back-up olives. The fruit is hand-picked and the oil is extracted by the cold centrifugal system.

Bartolini extra-virgin olive oil has a rich nutty aroma with spices, eggs and lemons. The flavour is equally complex with toasted nuts and coffee tones moving to bitter leaves and warm pepper. The aftertaste is very smooth and nutty. An interesting oil for all kinds of culinary uses.


Toast thick slices of Italian country bread. Top with sliced tomatoes and grill. Sprinkle with salt and drizzle extra virgin olive oil over the top. Top with some torn basil leaves.