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"Black Cumin"

Black Cumin



It has no side effect that is known, but it mustn’t be consumed over the dose. It is better to consume it with honey.


1. Strengthens the body: It can be made paste with honey.
2. Phlegm and bronchitis healing: It widens the bronchus. If black cumin paste with honey or just the mixture of honey is consumed cold, it helps coping with coughing, phlegm and rheumatism.
3. A hope for cancer: In a research carried in the U.S.A., it is concluded that black cumin has a positive effect on cancer. Natural killer increases %74 in the body when people who have immune system problems consume 2gr black cumin for our weeks.
4. Digestion: Black cumin helps digestion.
5. Cleans kidney and bladder ways: If drunk with honey sherbet, it cleans the stones in the kidney.
6. Headache: If dried black cumin s smelled, it heals flu and headache.
7. Toothache: If boiled with vinegar and gargled, it heals toothache and dries teeth inflammation.
8. Increases the amount of milk a mother has: If it is consumed with honey, it increases the amount of milk a mother has.
9. Fever: If black cumin oil is dripped into the nose, it is beneficial for paralysis and fever.
10. Flu: Black cumin oil is beneficial for flu if it is dripped into the nose.
11. Hair care: If black cumin oil is spread on the hair, it grows faster and stronger.
12. Menstrual period: If black cumin is mixed with honey and consumed, menstrual period is easier for women.
13. Heals headache: If black cumin oil is applied on the head, it heals the headache caused by cold.
14. Acne and eczema: If black cumin oil is boiled with vinegar and applied on acne, eczema and such skin diseases.
15. Hearing problems: If black cumin oil is dripped in the ear, it heals inflammation in the ear.
16. Forgetfulness: Black cumin is made paste with honey.
17. Intestine maggot: If boiled with vinegar and drunk when hungry, it kills the maggots, worms and parasites in the intestines.
18. Insect killer: Black cumin fumigant kills insects.
19. Hemorrhoids: If black cumin is boiled with vinegar and applied on hemorrhoids, it is beneficial.
20. Bulge: If it is mixed in the dough of bread it doesn’t cause bulge.
21. Beneficial for eyes: Black cumin is dripped in the eye everyday to kill the microbes. It may cause redness in the eye.
22. Good for asthma: Black cumin is made paste with honey and eaten regularly. Also, it is boiled and the patient breathes its steam deeply for about 15-20 minutes everyday.
23. Sinusitis: 3 drops of black cumin oil is dripped into the nose every morning during a week; or the blend of 50gr black cumin oil, 50gr olive oil, 5gr rosemary oil is dripped into the nose once a day during a week, it is dripped one or three drops.
24. Kidney stone: A spoon of grounded black cumin, a spoon of honey and a glass of water are boiled for 2-3 minutes. When hungry one glass of the water is drunk 3 times a day. No water is drunk for an hour.
25. Hemorrhoids: 100gr gallnut, 100gr orange skin, 100gr black cumin are grounded and made paste with one kg honey. Whenever hungry, a spoon of the paste is eaten.
26. Worm, maggot: Grounded black cumin is made dough with vinegar.
27. Waist ache: 20gr black cumin are grounded and made paste with 20gr roasted rue seeds, 20 kernels of the almonds and 400gr honey. If one spoon of paste is eaten one by one, it is useful.
28. Asthma, tuberculosis: 50gr black cumin oil, 20gr rosemary oil, 50gr pine honey, 500gr liquorices honey is made paste and eaten a spoon of it one by one.


You can add black cumin into pastry and food; you can eat it as a paste with honey. Black cumin strengthens immune system, so that one who eats the paste regularly doesn’t become ill easily.