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Agricola Brisighellese Brisighella



The olive groves surrounding the beautiful and historic town of Brisighella in the Appennines supply the olives for this oil.

The cooperative at Brisighella was formed in 1972 to preserve the high quality of the local produce. From 1975 each bottle leaving the mill has had a serial number and a warranty so if anything does go wrong the fault can be traced back. They are now members of the prestigious Mastri Oleari.

Brisighella lies in the Lamone valley on the panoramic road from Faenza to Florence on the Emilia Romagna or eastern side of the mountains. It has plenty of sunshine and is protected from the cold northerly winds and the olive trees flourish. Farmers grow an ancient local variety of olive called Nostrana which literally means local' in Italian.

Picking starts at the end of October and lasts until December. The olives are hand picked then pressed traditionally. The oil is left to decant naturally until January when the best oil is selected to carry the Brisighella name.

Brisighella extra-virgin olive oil is attractively complex with an extremely fresh aroma of grass and apples and a hint of nutty chocolate. The flavour is warm and nutty with plenty of fruit and strong pepper. The aftertaste is soft and sweet.