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Castello Banfi



Winner of the Leone d'Oro at Verona, this excellent extra-virgin oil is produced on a family-owned wine estate in Tuscany.
There are 270 acres of olive groves set in the rolling hills of the Castello Banfi estate near Montalcino in southern Tuscany. The groves are planted with Frantoio, Correggiolo, Olivastra and Moraiolo olives.

The fruit is hand-picked in late November and early December and processed by the cold centrifugal system. The resulting oil has a complex aroma of apple skins, grass and cut salad leaves. The flavour is lush with the bitter, sweet-sour taste of rocket and sorrel. There is plenty of pepper but the overall effect is smooth and fruity.

This oil is particularly good drizzled over a salad of grilled vegetables. Slice aubergines, yellow peppers, courgettes and tomatoes and grill until lightly charred.