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If eaten too much, it causes diarrhea.


The skin of the cherry stops the diarrhea. It clears the blood.


1. Make blood watery: Cherry makes blood watery and it clears it.
2. Helps digestion: Cherry facilitates digestion.
3. Losing weight: If eaten one kg cherry when hungry, it helps losing weight.
4. Stomach wounds: Cherry clears away the inflammation, abscess and wound in the stomach.
5. Clearing the kidney and the gall: Cherry opens the blocked vessels. It opens the vessels in the kidney and gall.
6. Intestine and bladder: If it is consumed or its stems are drunk after being boiled in the water, it clears the intestine and bladder.
7. Skin spots: It is applied onto the skin two times a day; it softens the skin and clears the spots.
8. Acne: If it is applied onto the acnes or 1 or 1/2kg cherry is eaten everyday regularly, it obliterates the acnes.
9. Rheumatism and arteriosclerosis: Since cherry makes blood watery, it heals rheumatism and arteriosclerosis.
10. Stress: Eating cherry strengthens the nerves and puts an end to stress.
11. Relieving thirst: It contains the fruit sugar in it which the kidney need. So it relieves thirst.
12. Cough, bronchitis: If cherry flowers are boiled and drunk, it heals cough and bronchitis.
13. Prevents diarrhea: If the skin of cherry tree is boiled and drunk, it prevents diarrhea.
14. Heals dysuria: So cherry seeds are kept waiting in the hot water and then strained. A tea glass of the juice is drunken everyday one by one till the dysuria ends.
15. Fever: For fever, the tree skin is boiled and drunk hot after being sweetened with honey.
16. Constipation: Either cherry is eaten or its leaves are steeped and drunk hot after being sweetened with honey.
17. Breast softener: Its flowers are steeped and drunk after being sweetened with honey.
18. Ulcer: 100 pine resin, 100gr cherry tree gum, 100gr black cumin are made paste with one kg honey. This paste is eaten regularly when hungry. For colitis the same paste is eaten.
19. Tea for losing weight: 100gr cherry tree gum, 100gr black cumin, 60gr senna, 100gr fennel and 30gr corn silk are steeped little by little and drunk.
20. Skin care: White cherry juice is applied onto the skin.
21. Increasing the urine: Its stems are steeped, sweetened with honey and then drunk when hungry.
22. Menstrual period: Its stems are steeped, sweetened with honey and drunk when hungry.


It should be eaten as much as possible. Its stems shouldn’t be thrown away. They may be used when healing kidney problems in winter.