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1. Increasing urine: Its leaf and seed is boiled and sweetened with honey.
2. Kidney and bladder ways: Black chickpea is cooked and consumed.
3. Cleaning skin: Chickpea is eaten.
4. Itch: Chickpea is grounded and mixed with vinegar then applied on the skin.
5. Wound: Chickpea is grounded and with willow ash and olive oil, it is made cream.
6. Helps put on weight: It is consumed with almond.
7. Sterility: It is soaked 5-6 hours before drinking its water.
8. Intestine softener: Eating chickpea softens intestines.
9. Intestine worms: In the mornings a glass of chickpea juice is drunk before breakfast. No food is eaten for an hour.
10. Cold: Chickpea meal is good for illness caused by cold.
11. Swellings: %50 grounded chickpea, %30 olive oil and %20 waxes are mixed and heated then tied on swelling parts.
12. Rheumatism: Chickpea is cooked with cumin and oil and eaten.
13. Stomach acid: Eating roasted chickpeas relieve stomach acid.
14. Jaundice: Chickpea meal is good for jaundice.
15. Lung weakness: Chickpea meal is consumed.
16. Itch: Chickpea is soaked in the evening and strained the following day. Itching parts are washed with this water.
17. Headache: Chickpea is cooked with onion and cumin.
18. Cough: Chickpea is cooked with cumin, lamb and onion.
19. Inflammation: Chickpea flour is made porridge with olive oil and tied on where necessary.
20. Voice problems: Chickpea is cooked with carrot and olive oil.


It is a healing plant. It may be roasted and grounded to make coffee. It is a good idea to eat an apple before having chickpea meal.