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Erzincan City Guide


Erzincan is located at the upper region of Fırat River in the Eastern Anatolian Region and the city is one of the oldest cultural centers of Anatolia. The city is located on the way of the ancient and historic silk road and had entered under the reign of Hittite, Urartu, Med, Persian, Hellen and Roman civilizations and after the Victory of Malazgirt, the city had entered under the dominance of Turkish and Ottoman States. With the combination of cultural riches and the natural beauties, geography, traditional cuisine and shopping possibilities, the city is like a heaven for touristic activities.

Sites of Interest

Erzincan hot springs and Ekşisu, Erzincan, Kemah, Şirinli castles, sheep form grave stones, Taşdibi, Virgin Mary, İsa Voriç and Vank churches, Gülabi Bey Mosque, Tugay Hatun, Melik Gazi, Behram Şah, Gülcü Baba and Mama Hatun mousoleums, Bey, Çadırcı, Gülabi Bey baths, Mama Hatun caravansary, Kötür Bridge.