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Fattoria Roi



The olives for this company's organic extra-virgin olive oils come from 100- to 600-year-old trees planted in the hills behind Taggia in western Liguria.

Fattoria Roi was founded in 1900. It has changed location several times but is now settled in new premises at Badalucco on the banks of the Argentina river which used to power the old mill. Pippo Roi, grandson of the founder, has modernized operations, installed electricity and reorganized the olive groves.

The olives come mainly from old groves planed on terraces up the steep valley sides between 200 and 1,400 feet. Taggiasca is the sole variety. The harvest lasts from November to March. Once picked the olives are milled and pressed in the traditional manner. A percentage of the crop is used for the oils but the rest is used for table olives and olive pastes.

Roi extra-virgin olive oil has a very attractive light almond aroma with apples and a touch of grassiness. The flavour is sweet and nutty with light pepper and a little tart bitterness on the aftertaste. This is a very smooth, delicately complex and versatile oil.