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Filippo Berio



There really once was a Signer Filippo Berio, but the name has now become a trademark of one of Italy's leading oil producers.

Filippo Berio lived and worked in Lucca in the nineteenth century, buying olive oil from the local growers and selling it to Italian immigrants in northern Europe and in the u.s. In 1892 he joined Giovanni Silvestrini who was one of the founders of Salov, together with the grandfather of the current directors of the company. The Berio family ceased to exist at the beginning of the century.

Today the company buys olive oil from all over Italy and beyond, and blends a range of popular olive oils which sell around the world.

Filippo Berio extra-virgin olive oil has a fruity aroma with a lemon grassiness. The flavour is similarly fruity and slightly meaty with nuts and bitter leaves. There is a strong peppery punch which builds up on the finish.

In some years the company releases a 'nuovo' extra-virgin oil which is quickly pressed and bottled from early-picked olives. If you like very bitter and punchy olive oil this is the one for you.