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Frantoio Di Sant'agata D'oneglia



Fragrant extra-virgin olive oils, spicy table olives, exciting jars of Toma cheese, andMuschio mushrooms in olive oil all jostle for attention on the crowded shelves of the company's shop in Imperia.

Generations of the Mela family have lived and worked at Sant'Agata d'Oneglia producing high-quality prize winning produce of all kinds. Proof of this was their winning of the Delicate section of the 1996 Ercole Olivario competition. They are members of the prestigious Mastri Oleari.

Sant'Agata village is set on a hillside over looking the Gulf of Imperia and not far from the terraced mountain olive groves. The small and highly-flavoured Taggiasca olive is the predominant variety here as in other parts of Liguria.

The harvest lasts from December to February. The fruit is hand-picked or combed from the trees and crushed traditionally with Colombina grind stones dating back to 1827. This is followed by a very light pressing to produce the Mosto for the II Capolavoro oil and normal pressing for the Oro Taggiasca.

The Oro Taggiasco has a very light apple and almond fruitiness with a sweet and delicate aroma. There is very little pepper which makes the oil very attractive to those who do not like a very punchy olive oil.

The company also produce a range of products typical of Ligurian cuisine using recipes which have been in the family for many years.