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Frantoio Gaziello



This small Italian family-owned business based on the Ligurian coast produces quality extra-virgin olive oils from the local Taggiasca olive.

The business started when Giovanni. Gaziello introduced a water-driven press to his home village of Trucco outside Ventimiglia. Twenty years later he moved into new premises in Ventimiglia and was eventually joined by his son Giorgio.

Today the business boasts a modern stainless steel centrifugal plant, capable of processing 1,500-2,000 kilograms of olives an hour. Two oils are produced and they are both made from the local Ligurian Taggiasca olive.

Gaziello Mosto is a natural, unfiltered oil made from the first olives to be picked in December and January. It has a good aroma of freshly grated apple skins, olives

and salad leaves. The flavour is much more nutty but still fresh and sweet. It can sometimes take on an almost chocolaty flavour. The texture is quite thick and lush and the wicked little peppery kick comes as quite a surprise.

This oil may be packed in a large round one-quart bottle or in a flask-shaped bottle with a cork stopper which is attractive to display in the kitchen.

Frantoio Gaziello is the company's second oil. It too is unfiltered. It is made from olives from the February to March harvest and is sweeter and a little less fruity than the Mosto. The aroma is lightly grassy. It has a sweet,

Gaziello Mosto extra virgin olive oil
Frantoio Gaziella extravirgin olive oil
Pickled black table olives pitted and packed in olive oil
Black olive paste or tapenade.