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"Fresh Almond"

Fresh Almond



Eating 10 hot almonds causes intestine problems. Eating 20 of it may cause poisoning.


So less of it must be consumed. If poisoned, a sort of salad made of yoghurt and chopped cucumber with garlic must be eaten.


1. Skin cleaning cream: Hot almond oil is mixed with olive oil to clean the skin.
2. Chopped skin cream: If pregnant women apply 10gr olive oil mixture on their belly throughout their pregnancy, they can prevent having chopped skin.
3. Hemorrhoids: When hot almond is prepared with vinegar like a cream and put on hemorrhoids, it works.
4. Stomach inflammations: It is beneficial for the inner inflammation if 2 or 3 of it is eaten a day.
5. Hair care: 20gr hot almond oil and 100gr olive oil is mixed and put on the hair to feed it.
6. Kidney stone: 3 hot almonds are eaten when hungry and a glass of lukewarm water is drunk to cut up the kidney stones.
7. Headache: A mixture of hot almond oil and vinegar is spread and massaged which helps to treat headache.
8. Cough: 3-5 almonds are eaten a day.
9. Spleen protuberance: Hot almond oil is applied on the spleen and 3-5 hot almonds are eaten a day.


Fresh almond helps to keep fit when eaten less, but the more you consume it, the more suffering it causes. Hot almond has less oil comparing to sweet almond.