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If consumed too much, it causes headache. Fresh grape bloats abdomen, causes problems in the intestines. Its seeds cause constipation.


Eating sour unripe grape prevents one from headache. Abdomen bloating and intestine-al problems that unripe grapes may cause could be compensated by drinking fennel tea.


1. Relieves exhaustion: Since it is rich in vitamin A and C, it relieves exhaustion.
2. Strengthening eye: Since it contains vitamin A in it, it prevents one from having night blindness.
3. Tranquilizing the nerves: Since it is rich in vitamin B1, B6 and C, it tranquilizes the nerves, relieves stress.
4. Strengthening liver: It heals liver deficiency and prevents heart from growing.
5. Helps gaining weight: Eating fresh grape helps gaining weight.
6. Helps indigestion system: Grape helps indigestion and stops the constipation.
7. Stops diarrhea: Grape leaves and sour unripe grapes stops diarrhea.
8. Clearing the blood: Dried grapes make blood in the body, clear the blood and the acne.
9. Decreasing the tension: Since it is rich in potassium, it regulates the tension.
10. Hemorrhoids: Grape is boiled with carrot and drunk when hungry.
11. Rheumatism: Grape heals rheumatism and articulation problem.
12. Shortening the convalescence period: It is useful to eat grape for children and patents. It shortens the convalescence period.
13. Helps giving up alcohol: The water of its essence tree helps it when it is drunk hungry.
14. Kidney stone: If sour unripe grape juice is drunken three glasses everyday, it dissolves the kidney stones.
15. Gall Problems: Unripe grapes heal gall problems and headache.
16. Headache: Unripe grapes heal headache that stems from the gall.
17. Stops bleeding: If black grape leaves are tied onto the cut, it stops bleeding.
18. Healing abscess: Black grape leaves are tied onto the abscess and everyday black grape is consumed regularly.
19. Strengthen the body: Eating grape molasses strengthens the body.
20. Wound: The wound is dressed with the essence of grape leaves.
21. Dropsy: Black grapes are boiled with quince and its juice is drunk.
22. Ascarids: Garlic is squashed with dried grapes and eaten when hungry.
23. Analgesic: 100gr vinegar and 100gr dried grapes are squashed together and then boiled till it becomes porridge, then applied.
24. Strengthening the stomach: It is squashed with its seed and boiled. It is drunk afterwards.


Black grape juiceā€™s nutrition value is approximately equal to the mother milk. It is very useful for babies who are older than 2 to drink this juice. According to the researches in Japan, the item found in the skin of the black grapes helps in healing cancer and decreases the tension.