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Hatay City Guide


The appealing property and the reason of the migrations throughout the history to the Antakya region is the suitable and appropriate climate conditions and the productive and fertile lands. Beside these two facts another important characteristic of the region is its being at the intersection point of the road which connects Anatolia to Syria and Palestine over Çukurova. In addition, the most convenient ports for suitable routes to Mediterranean from Mesopotamia are also located in this region. With its current faith tourism centers, ancient cities and beautiful plateaus, the province of Hatay has a high potential for tourism.

Sites of Interest

Soğukoluk and Yayladağı forest recreation areas Arsuz beaches, Alalah (Tel Açana), Tel Tayinat, Çatalhöyük (Kanula), Harbiye (Dophne), İssos, El-Mina, Arsuz (Rhossos or Rosus), Seleukeia Pieria settlements and city, Antakya (Antiokheia) city walls, Traianus Sukemeri, Heronion, Koz (Kürşat), Payas, Bakras, Sarıseki, Şalen and Darb-ı Sak (Bayezıd-i Bistami) castles, St. Petrus Grotto, Cin (genie) Tower, Girls' Palace (Kasr El-Benet), Sokullu Mehmed Pasha complex, Habib Neccar Mosque, Sokullu complex, Hatay Archeology Museum.