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Honey is made by bees which collect flower essence, or the fruit juice and turn this mixture with their craw secretion into honey. The quality of honey changes from one plant to another. The best honey is flower honey. Pine honey, sunflower honey are the most commonly found sorts of honey. The best honey is in hives in the nature.


It almost doesn’t have any side effects. When it is consumed a lot it may harm gall. But if some vinegar is added it is ok. It also lowers the tension but if it is consumed a lot, it causes tachycardia. It is recommended not to eat more than a spoonful.


1. Strengthens stomach: Gets the unnecessary things in the stomach out. It is easily transformed to blood as it doesn’t need digestion.
2. Anemia: Strengthens people who have just recovered from illnesses.
3. Protective: If fresh meat is kept in honey, it doesn’t become pale for 3 months. Honey has 6 different kinds of protective system.
4. Widening blood vessels: Its sherbet widens blood vessels, strengthens heart muscles. Unlike other sugars, it leaves less waste in the cells.
5. Beneficial for rheumatism: To apply honey on the rheumatic parts is a good way. If aching part is tied with honey, heated a little, aching gets lost in 2-3 hours.
6. Allergy: Especially if people, who have spring allergy, realize which flower causes their allergy. They could eat that flower’s honey or sherbet.
7. Painkiller: If honey is heated and its steam is smelled, pain is gone in 2 or 3 minutes.
8. Decreases tension: It decreases high tension. It shouldn’t be consumed more than 1 spoon a day.
9. Appetizing: It includes vitamin A, B, C and some other minerals which make human being energetic.
10. Natural toothpaste: Honey cleans the teeth and gum from microbes, heals the wounds in the mouth, unlike other sugars. When you mix yoghurt with honey, you get natural toothpaste.
11. Motley: People who have motley must drink a glass of honey sherbet every morning when they are hungry for about, at least, 2-3 months.
12. Constipation: It is very helpful to drink hot honey sherbet for constipation.
13. Losing weight: Lukewarm pine honey must be drunk every morning and evening.
14. Decreases Cholesterol: Especially sunflower honey and thyme honey help both losing weight and decreasing cholesterol.
15. Heals wounds and inflammation: Especially thyme and chestnut are useful in treating wounds.
16. Phlegm: Stops phlegm and cleans dirty wetness of the body.
17. Eye strengthening: If mixed with pomegranate water and applied to eyes, it helps seeing better.
18. Stomachache: It relieves stomachache.
19. Dysuria: It copes with dysuria and cleans the bladder tubes.
20. Dog bites: When bit by a dog, honey sherbet is drunk and honey is applied to the wound.
21. Softening the skin: If massaged with honey, skin becomes soft.
22. Feeds hair: Hair becomes soft and strong.
23. Flu: If honey is drunk with lemon juice or milk, it is useful.
24. Tuberculosis: It helps tuberculosis if eaten with rose leaves.
25. Burnt: Honey and olive oil is mixed and applied on the burnt.
26. Varicose vein: Honey is applied on veins and vein wounds.
27. Cleans liver: Honey cleans liver and chest. Useful for wild animal biting.
28. Jaundice: If graded cucumber and honey is eaten, no thirst is left. Cleans the blood and treats jaundice.
29. Anti-perspiration: If chewed for a few days, it cures perspiration.
30. Diarrhea: In coping with diarrhea, cold honey sherbet is useful.
31. Urinating during sleep: Honey is useful especially for children who urinate during sleep.
32. Prevents the side effect of the drugs: Honey is added to drugs, the drugs taste better as a result and the side effects are not seen.
33. Beneficial for eyes: Honey has a big amount of vitamin A which helps eyes see better. It is chewed like a chewing gum.


If 1 spoon of vinegar, 1 spoon of black cumin are added and drunk with honey sherbet everyday, the harm that honey does on gall is lost. It protects the body from illnesses. Honey and black cumin strengthens immunity system. Bees must be fed with honey sherbet instead of sugar.