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"Hot Pepper"

Hot Pepper



When too much of it is consumed, it harms stomach, intestine and hemorrhoids. It is dangerous for people who have liver problems.


1. Rheumatism: 100gr of red pepper powder, 500gr of water, 200gr olive oil are boiled together and the rheumatic parts are massaged.
2. Tonsil inflammation: Red pepper powder is boiled and gargled.
3. Hair lost: 100gr red pepper powder, 20gr lavender, 20gr senna, 1lt water, and 200gr olive oil are boiled and strained. The oil above the mixture is kept in a box and used during massaging everyday.
4. Bronchitis, cough: 100gr hot pepper powder, 20gr willow leaf, a liter of water, 200gr olive oil are boiled and strained. The oil above the mixture is taken in a box and 10gr rosemary is added. With this mixture the chests of the children, throats and backs are massaged. It may cause redness, however.
5. Cold/ Chill: 100gr hot pepper powder, 30gr cypress cone, 20gr senna, 200gr olive oil, 1liter of water are boiled and strained. 10gr eucalyptus oil is added and the parts which have pain due to cold are massaged.
6. Stiff neck: The formula in number 1 is prepared and applied on the neck once or twice a day massaging.
7. Gives prettiness: The green part of the stem of the hot pepper is boiled and drunk.
8. Facilitates digestion: Eating hot pepper or other kind of pepper facilitates digestion.


Normally, hot pepper is a healing plant. However, when too much of it is consumed it may cause poisoning. Moreover, eating hot pepper may make some people hiccup.