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City Guide

Karaman City Guide


The province of Karaman is located to the south of the Central Anatolian Region and is between Konya - İçel - Antalya provinces. The province is a major commerce, culture and art center. Karaman province and its vicinity is known to be inhabited from the beginning of BC 8000 and the region charms and fascinates the visitors with the touristic beauties as underground cities, caves, religious centers and also with natural beauties as plateaus and other natural flora and fauna, rich hand crafted art works.

Sites of Interest

Gökçe forest recreation area, Maraspoli Cave, Kraman, Ermenek (Firan) and Mennan castles, Binbirkilise, Hatuniye, Emir Musa, İbrahim Bey old theological schools (medrese) for alm and Tol Medrese, Gaferyad (Ermenek, Kâzımkarabekir) and Yollarbaşı (İlisra) village Grand Mosques, Hacı Beyler, Aktekke (Valide Sultan), Arapzade, Pasha, Dikbasan (Fasih), Akçaşehir, Sipas and Mimar Emir Rüstem Pasha mosques, Yunus Emre Mosque and Lodge, small mosque of Şeyh Çelebi and Akça Mescit, Karamanoğlu alm house and mausoleum, Bıçakçı Bridge and Ala Bridge, Fountain With Seven Sprouts,Karaman Museum.