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City Guide

Kilis City Guide


Kilis, which is a teritorial city within South Eastern Anatolia Region, is a city, which should be seen due to its historical tumulus, castles and kebabs.

Sites of Interest

Kuzuini (Kuzeyne in old times) village at nothwest of Kilis, ruins of inner and outer city walls, resembles an open air museum with ruins from buildings which belonged to Hittites, Romans, Byzantines and Arabs. Kilis Grand Mosque, Akcurun Mosque, Canbolat Bey Mosque, Şeyh Mosque, Şeyhler Mosque, Hindioğlu Mosque, Çalık Mosque, Cüneyde Mosque, Kadı Mosque, Mevlevi Lodge, Şeyh Abdullah Efendi Lodge, Canbolat and Şeyh Abdullah Efendi Mausoleums, Baytaz Inn, Hoca Bath, Eski Bath, Pasha Bath, Hasan Bey Bath which is also known as the Sunk (Çukur) Bath, Tuğlu Bath, Kurdağa Fountain, İpşir Pasha Fountain, Fellah Fountain, Haffaf (Kavaf) Fountain and Küçük Çarşı Fountain.