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If consumed too much, it causes bleeding in gum. It decreases tension.


1. Relaxing the heart: Its skin leaves and flowers are made porridge and eaten.
2. Diarrhea: Lemon is drunk alone or with coffee, it stops diarrhea.
3. Cleans the blood: Lemonade is drunk.
4. Deep sleep: Drinking lemonade decreases sleep.
5. Kidney blockage: To eat lemon with its skin prevent kidney from having blockages.
6. Helps losing weight: Lemon and its skin are boiled together, sweetened with honey and drunk mild a glass of it before meals.
7. Increasing urine: Lemon is steeped with parsley, sweetened with honey and drunk mild regularly.
8. Cleaning the liver: Lemonade relieves thirst and liver.
9. Skin care: Lemon juice is drunk and applied onto the skin.
10. Abscess: Lemonade is drunk and it is applied onto the abscess.
11. Kidney stone: Lemon is eaten with its skin together when hungry.
12. Decreases cholesterol: Lemonade is drunk.
13. Exhaustion: Lemonade is sweetened with honey and drunk.
14. Angina: Lemonade is gargled and drunk.
15. Digestion disorder: Lemon is sliced and boiled with its skin. It is sweetened with honey and drunk after meals.
16. Anemia: Lemon skin is boiled with raisin and sweetened with honey and then drunk.
17. Wounds inside mouth: Lemon juice is gargled and drunk.
18. Tooth care: Lemon whitens the teeth and strengthens the gum.
19. Headache: Lemon relieves the headache which stems from gall.
20. Paralysis: Lemon is sliced, boiled and sweetened with honey and then it is drunk.
21. Nutrition poisoning: Lemon is eaten and squeezed into the salads.
22. Cough: Lemon, its skin and mint are boiled together, sweetened with honey and then drunk.


Lemon is drunk before drinking coffee in order to relieve the side effect of coffee. People who eat lots of lemon get old earlier. Lemon causes weakness in the eye. It also causes harm on the nervous system.