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Natural Pharmacy
"Lime Tree"

Lime Tree



It is harmful for heart if consumed over the dose for a long time. it causes flu on some people.


It is used with lemon balm for flu. it is mixed with honey and consumed.


1. Coughing, phlegm: If lime is steeped, it softens the breast and relaxes.
2. Stomach problems: It facilitates digestion if steeped alone, if steeped with thyme and mint; it is good for stomach and vomiting.
3. Strengthens the hair: If hair is washed with water boiled with lime, it is nourished.
4. Waist and lumbago aches: Lime is boiled with cypress cane and drunk.
5. Drying the inflammation: If lime is drunk after being sweetened with honey, it is useful for stomach, kidney and intestine inflammations. Also, the lime heals mouth inflammations when one gargles with its juice.
6. Flu: The researches show that lime heals the body not only making one sweat but also increasing the body resistance.
7. Losing weight: Lime is steeped and drunk in the morning when hungry.
8. Abscesses: Lime is made porridge and tied onto the abscess.
9. Skin spots: Lime is steeped in the water and squeezed. With that juice, the spot can be cleared away.
10. Wrinkles: Lime is boiled and squeezed the wrinkles are made massaging with that juice.
11. Eye burr: Lime is made lotion and applied on the eyes.
12. Reveals the stress: Lime is steeped and drunk.
13. Palpitation: Lime is steeped with poppy and drunk.
14. Fainting: 5gr lime, 5gr rose, 5gr willow leaf are steeped. The one who has fainted is made to drink.
15. Headache: Lime, sheep dog, lemon balm, senna and mallow are made lotion and the head is washed with that lotion.
16. Gall healer: Lime tree skin is boiled and drunk after being sweetened with honey.
17. Perspiration: Lime flowers are steeped and drunk after being sweetened with honey.
18. Causing sleep: Lime is steeped and drunk after being sweetened with honey.
19. Increasing urine: Lime flowers and leaves are steeped and drunk after being sweetened with honey.


It is indispensable in winter as tea. Its chemical can’t be formulated yet. It can be drunk anywhere. But if it is drunk too much, it causes weakness.