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Manisa City Guide


The province of Manisa is located in Western Anatolia between Spil Mountain and Gediz River and is at an important junction point for transportation of Aegean Region. The city is a developed agricultural, industrial and trade city. The foundation history descends to the BC 3000 years and the traces and remnants of Hittite, Frig, Lydia, Macedonian, Roman, Byzantine, Turkish States and Ottoman civilizations are found in the city. The intensified culture and art throughout the history and the crossing trade routes had made the province of Manisa an attractive and interesting holiday center with the rich cultural and natural beauties providing different holiday possibilities.

Sites of Interest

Spil Mountain National Park, Mevlevi House, Horse Square, Çınarlıçeşme, Süreyya, Kadıköy-Dedeçam, Kocamurtluk, Seyrangâh Çamlığı, Süleymanlı Çamlığı and Mermeroluk forest recreation areas, Urganlı,Sart, Kurşunlu and Menteşe hot springs, Ağlayan Kaya (Crying Rock), Sart antique city, Manisa Castle, Manisa Grand Mosque, Muradiye, Hatuniye and Sultan mosque complexes, Çeşnigir, İvaz Pasha, Yıldırım and Şeyh Sinan mosques, Kurşunluhan, Saruhan Bey, Revak Sultan, Yedi Kızlar and Sultanlar mausoleums, Manisa Museum.