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Meridian Organic

Meridian Organic


This company specializes in organicfoods and their extra-virgin olive oil is no exception.

I'l his is a Spanish oil which comes from organic producers near Cordoba in Andalusia. It is certified by the U.K. Soil Association and by the Spanish Comite Territorial Andaluz de la Agricultura Ecologica.

Meridian extra-virgin olive oil is pressed from 100 per cent Hojiblanca olives which are grown without fertilizers or pesticides. The fruit is harvested by hand and processed by the cold centrifugal system.

The oil has an aromatic lemony aroma, sometimes with a touch of tomato coulis. The flavour is smooth and lemony with a medium peppery finish.


Slice the monkfish and cook in boiling salted water. Meanwhile mash i hard-boiled egg with 4 anchovy fillets and l o chopped capers. Add a dash of tarragon vinegar and gradually add about 4—5 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil. Stir in some freshly chopped parsley. Drain the fish and spoon the egg and olive oil mixture over the top of each slice offish. Leave to cool and serve lightly chilled.