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Milk is made by cows’ eating grass and mixing it with water in their stomach. The vital elements in milk, which are very valuable for human body, are sodium, potassium, phosphorus, clor, copper, casein, etc. milk and products are cold and softening, especially yoghurt and milk.


It is no good to drink milk alone especially for people who have stomach problems and children. Consuming milk over the dose is harmful for teeth and gum.


To drink milk sweetened with honey strengthens the stomach.


1. Forgetfulness: Drinking milk strengthens the heart and relieves forgetfulness.
2. Strengthens eyes: Milk has a large amount of vitamin A which strengthens eyes.
3. Ulcer, gastritis, colitis and bladder inflammations: Drinking milk with honey cleans the inner organs and heals wounds.
4. Milk: As it is a source of protein, it supports the body.
5. Milk and such food having protein heal the diseases caused by lack of protein.
6. Milk sweetened with honey is so good for illnesses.
7. Kidney problems: Milk is sweetened with honey.
8. Tuberculosis, asthma and lung problems: Milk is sweetened with honey.
9. It relieves forgetfulness as well as brightening the brain.
10. Anti-poisoning: It is made sherbet with butter and honey.
11. Ginger is added to milk that is sweetened with honey.
12. Fattening: Milk is made paste with date or fig.
13. Milk and milk products: They relieve thirst.
14. Lying-in women: Milk is sweetened with honey and drunk.
15. Helps digestion: Milk cleans the body and helps digestion.
16. Drinking milk relieves itching.
17. Milk softens the body: It calms down the body and softens the body.
18. Sheep milk whitens the skin: It makes phlegm as it is too fatty.
19. Fever: Especially sheep milk relieves thirst.
20. Goat milk is good for coughing, sore throat, etc.
21. Camel milk heals digestion problems and liver weakness.
22. Weakness: Milk is cooked with meat and eaten.


The milk that is milked right after the cow’s giving birth is called colostrums. It is much more different than normal milk. It has more protein, fat and mineral. Moreover, it has a salty and sour taste. Plus, it is easy to digest.


The best milk is mother milk, and then comes cow milk and goat milk. Cheese causes constipation. It is better to drink thyme and lime during breakfast. Milk with ginger is also beneficial.