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Natural Pharmacy




1. Prevents nausea: Mint is steeped and drunk, a little sour pomegranate juice is added.
2. Stops inner bleedings: Mint is steeped and some vinegar is added.
3. Matures abscesses: Mint porridge is mixed with roasted flour and tied on abscess.
4. Toothache: Mint is chewed.
5. Mouth smell: Mint is chewed.
6. Hiccup: Mint is chewed with harmal.
7. Stomach problems: Mint is added to meals or mint juice is drunk to help digestion.
8. Flu, cough: Mint, thyme, lemon is steeped and sweetened with honey.
9. Gives strength: Mint is drunk or added to meals and salads.
10. Blood spitting: Mint is chewed or steeped and drunk.


It is both a kind of herb and a drug. It stabilizes tension and it is very helpful for nausea. It helps digestion.