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Natural Pharmacy



The chemical and organic substances in misvak are:

Salvadorine: Volatile fat, a kind of alkaloid.
Etil amin: An amino acid having sulphur, sistein and metiyonin.
Three metilamin: It is useful for the spots on teeth.
Lots of flourid: Human body needs 1, 5-4mg florin a day. It prevents tooth decays and it is vital for bones and teeth and health.
Silis: It burnishes teeth.
Saponin: Misvak shell has saponin. It is a cleaning substance, good for phlegm. Plus, it is beneficial for coughing and respiratory system.
Calcium: It helps the intestines work. It is the basic substance of bones and teeth. Bone, tooth and kidney problems and intellectual problems occur when it is lacked.
Phosphorus: It is also a basic substance of bones and teeth. It is the most commonly found substance after calcium.
Magnesium: It is also found in the bones and teeth. It works with calcium in the nervous and muscle system.
Potassium: It is vital for heart, muscles, kidney, blood system, brain and nerves. It relieves the side effect of salt.
NaCl(salt): It cleans and burnishes the teeth.
Vitamin C: Beneficial for gum, tongue and palate.
Pine raisin: It is beneficial for tongue, palate and gum.
Gallnut: It is found on the outer shell of misvak. It heals the wounds and good for diarrhea.
Tamik acid: It tightens the gum, and it is beneficial for teeth.
Fennel: It id beneficial for inflammations.
Iron: They increase blood. It is a vital element.


It dries the inflammations, strengthens the gum, it is an antiseptic and it decreases blood sugar. Plus, it is also an anti-ulcer.