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1. Stomach and intestine order: Okra meal makes the stomach and intestine work in order.
2. Stomach gastritis: Okra meal without tomato paste helps stomach.
3. Intestine inflammations: Okra meal cooked without tomato soup and mint added later on removes inflammations.
4. Wounds: Okra is pt on wounds and swellings.
5. Chest softening: Okra flowers are boiled and sweetened with honey.
6. Abscess: Okra is boiled and squeezed and put on abscesses.
7. Acne: Okra lotion is tied on acnes.
8. Skin stain: Okra or okra flower is boiled and drunk.
9. Burnt: The same mixture is applied on the burnt.
10. Constipation: Okra meal is consumed. Okra flower tea is sweetened with honey and drunk.
11. Blood sugar: 100gr okra seed is grounded and 1 spoonful of it is eaten everyday.


Though many people don’t like okra because of its taste, it is a good help in dealing with indigestion.