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Natural Pharmacy




It may give harm to the people who have abscess, eczema or psoriasis.


1. Diabetes: It leaves are boiled alone or thyme and drunk.
2. Tension: Its leaves are boiled with mistletoes, sweetened with honey and drunk.
3. Diarrhea: Its leaves and its tree skin are boiled together, sweetened with honey and drunk cold.
4. Sciatica: Its leaves and fresh branches are mashed together and tied onto the heels.
5. Ulcer: Its gum, pine raisin and flax seed are mixed and made paste with honey and eaten a half spoon everyday regularly.
6. Ascarids: Its leaves are boiled, sweetened with honey and drunken one glass before meals regularly.
7. Herpes: Its leaves are masticated and olive juice is gargled.
8. Strengthening the body: Eating green olive gives strength to the body.
9. Bad breath: Eating green olive relieves bad breath.
10. Antiseptic: Its leaves are steeped, sweetened with honey and drunk.
11. Wounds abscess: Its leaves are made lotion and the wounds and abscess are dressed.
12. Appetizer: Its leaves are steeped and drunk before meals.
13. Relieves urine: Its leaves are steeped and drunk before meals.
14. Strengthening the teeth: Its leaves are boiled and then gargled.
15. Tooth care: The teeth are massaged with its root and stems.


The olive tree lives 1000-2000 years. The olives whose tree is nearer to the sea are much more qualified. Its leaves are useful for diabetes.