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"Olive Oil"

Olive Oil



1. Good for liver: Pure olive oil is used in meals and salads. Especially artichoke is cooked with olive oil and eaten.
2. Stomach ulcer: Olive oil is mixed with vinegar and eaten. When hungry, garlic is eaten and then olive oil and honey.
3. Prunitus, eczema: 20gr henna and 50gr olive oil are made cream and put on the itching parts.
4. Hair care: Olive oil and black cumin oil are mixed and massaged into the hair.
5. Kidney stones and sand: A half tea glass of olive oil is mixed with lemon juice and drunk when hungry.
6. Stomach ache: Pure olive oil is drunk with hot water.
7. Facilitates digestion: Meals are cooked with olive oil.
8. Useful for nerves: Olive oil is both drunk and eaten in the meals.
9. Burnt cream: The white of an egg is made cream with olive oil. Wax is melted and mixed with olive oil, then applied onto the burnt place.
10. Wounds: 20gr henna is made cream with 10gr olive oil. Then applied onto the wound.
11. Rheumatism: 100gr olive oil is mixed with 50gr rosewood oil and massaged.
12. Cleaning the skin: 100gr olive oil is mixed with 10gr lily oil and applied onto the skin.
13. Skin care: The skin is massaged with olive oil.
14. Poisoning: If meals are cooked with olive oil, it protects one from being poisoned.
15. Strengthening the intestine: All kinds of oils give harm to the intestine, but olive oil strengthens.
16. Cancer: Since it is rich in vitamin E, it prevents one from cancer.
17. Eye: Since it is rich in vitamin E in it, it strengthens the eye view. A tea spoon of olive oil is drunken everyday three times.
18. Cleaning the blood: consuming olive oil when hungry cleans the blood, beautifies the skin.
19. Ascarids: A half tea cup of olive oil is drunk in the morning when hungry. Then a glass of hot water is drunk. Nothing is eaten for 1-2 hours. This cure continues for a week.
20. Heart: A half tea cup of olive oil is drunk, and then a glass of hot barley juice is drunk.
21. When voice is hoarse: A half spoon of olive oil is drunken everyday.
22. Decreasing the cholesterol: Consuming olive oil decreases cholesterol.


Only olive oil should be used when cooking. Especially, for liver problems, olive oil is the best. Olive oil makes the bad cholesterol fall, but not letting the good one to do so.