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Normally it doesn’t have any side effect. But it may cause stomachache on children and headache on people.


Chicory, vinegar and yoghurt compensate headache and stomachache. After eating onion, parsley is consumed to relieve its smell. Nutrition value of cooked onion is higher.


1. Strengthening eyes: As it has a big amount of vitamin A, it strengthens the eyes.
2. Relieving constipation: It helps digestion; it both gives taste and helps digestion. Onion tincture: An onion is mashed and put in a glass on vinegar, after waiting for an hour, it is drunk sweetening with honey. During constipation: 2spoons of tincture is mixed with a glass of hot water.
3. Ulcer, stomachache: Onion tincture is drunk.
4. Intestine parasites: Onion is mashed and kept for a while in the water, strained and drunk before breakfast. After drinking senna tea, diarrhea occurs in an hour.
5. Kidney stones: 1 spoon of onion tincture is mixed in a glass of milk and drunk before breakfast.
6. Cough, whooping-cough: Onion is roasted with spleen and consumed.
7. Strengthening hormones: If onion is consumed regularly everyday, it stabilizes men and women hormones.
8. Sleeplessness, nervous breakdown: Onion is drunk raw or its tincture is drunk with milk.
9. Water balloons in the hand and feet: Onion is boiled and drunk.
10. Callus: Onion is boiled with vinegar and made porridge, then tied on callus.
11. Ear inflammation and earache: Onion juice is mixed with olive oil and dripped into the ear which aches or has inflammations.
12. Articulation rheumatism: People who have rheumatism or articulation rheumatism must eat onion and garlic.
13. Blood sugar: Onion and garlic must be consumed in coping with blood sugar.
14. Inflamed wound and abscess: Onion is cooked and tied on inflamed wound and abscess.
15. Alopecia: The part having alopecia is massaged with onion and salt.
16. Nose bleeding: Beaten onion is put in the nose to stop bleeding.
17. It is good for stomach and spleen: Eating onion widens vessels.
18. Gives strength: Onion is chopped and cooked in olive oil and an egg is added. Then altogether with some salt.
19. Makes your skin look good: Eating onion makes your skin look good.
20. Asthma: Onion is cooked, made porridge with olive oil and put on asthma.
21. Hemorrhoids: Onion is cooked with animal fat to stop hemorrhoids.
22. Losing hair and scurfy hair: Onion essence is mixed with lukewarm water and hair must be washed every other day.
23. Anti-nail breaking: Nails are often massaged with onion juice.
24. Acne: Onion juice is applied on onions.
25. Increasing mother milk: Eating onion increases the amount of milk a mother has, but consuming onion over the dose may cause stomachaches in new born babies.
26. Sprained foot: Onion is mashed and it is tied on the sprained foot with salt.
27. Its outer leaves are used as a natural dye.
28. If mixed with honey, onion seed does the same healing as onion.
29. Fattening: People get fat if they go on eating onion too much.
30. Protective from poisonings: Eating onion protects people from poisoning.
31. Jaundice: Cooked onion is eaten.
32. Eating onion with meat: Eating onion with meat makes the meat lose its harm because of its fat.
33. Wart: Onion is mashed and put on wart with salt.
34. Elderliness: People who eat onion get old late.


Onion doesn’t have its smell if it is cooked. Consuming onion and garlic mustn’t be eaten together. It is said that onion has been eaten for about 4000 years. Cooked onion is more beneficial than raw onion.