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Natural Pharmacy




Normally it doesn’t have any side effect. It shouldn’t be used for more than 20 days in order to lose weight; it causes harm on kidneys.


1. Appetizing: It whets appetite if consumed during meals.
2. Eye problem: As it is rich of vitamin A, it gives better eye view.
3. Increases mother milk: Parsley is consumed.
4. Helps digestion: Parsley is eaten in the salad or boiled and drunk after meals to help digestion.
5. Throws away the poisonous items: Parsley is consumed.
6. Kidney stones: The root of parsley is boiled and strained and lemon is squeezed before drinking.
7. Acne: It is boiled before drinking or applying on the skin.
8. Skin spots: It is boiled and applied on skin spots.
9. Wound, bruise: Parsley porridge is tied on wounds or bruises.
10. Blood cleaning: Parsley is boiled with fennel.
11. Liver and spleen problems: Parsley is boiled with lemon.
12. Losing weight: It is boiled with lemon and pine raisin in the mornings and drunk, it mustn’t be used for more than 10 days.
13. High tension: Eating parsley decreases high tension.
14. Strengthening: Eating parsley whets appetite and strengthens.
15. Strengthening hair: Parsley is boiled and vinegar is added. Then the hair is washed with this mixture.
16. Mosquito and insect relieving: Parsley oil is applied on feet and hands before going to bed.
17. Helps digestion: A big amount of parsley is added to salads and meals.
18. Mouth smell: Parsley is chewed and eaten.
19. Toothache: Fresh parsley is chopped, mashed and put on the tooth.
20. Increasing urine: Parsley is consumed.
21. Throwing away the water in the legs: Parsley is consumed.


30gr of parsley must be consumed everyday in order to get our vitamin A and C need. It is for preventing cancer.