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When consumed too much, it causes liver and kidney problems.


It shouldn’t be consumed over the dose.


1. Wind helping: It should be eaten in the middle of the meals.
2. Appetizing: Green pepper eaten during meal time whets appetite.
3. Facilitates digestion: It helps to digest to eat green pepper.
4. Body strengthening: Green pepper during meals strengthens the body.
5. Urine making: Green pepper makes urine become more. Pepper is boiled with rosemary and sweetened with honey.
6. Makes your skin look more beautiful: Pepper stem is boiled and sweetened with honey.
7. Increases intelligibility: People become more intelligent if they eat pepper.
8. Menstruation: Pepper is boiled and sweetened with honey. Green pepper is eaten for this. Hot okra is boiled with pepper to help menstruation.
9. Spleen wound: Pepper is boiled and sweetened with honey.
10. Calms down the nerves: Eating green pepper calms you down.


It is both green which whets appetite and is a kind of food. Both its stem and seed can be eaten. Too much of pepper is harmful which leads to exhaustion and nausea. It is preferred especially by people who are on a diet.