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Natural Pharmacy




It has no side effect.


1. Gives strength: Pollen is made paste with honey.
2. Hair care: It is made cream with olive oil and applied on hair.
3. Makes blood: It is made paste with nettle and honey.
4. Constipation: A glass of hot honey sherbet with pollen is drunk after meals.
5. Stress: Honey paste with pollen is eaten.
6. Bronchitis, asthma, flu: 1 spoon of honey paste with pollen is eaten before breakfast.
7. Cancer: It is made paste with honey, nettle seed and turnip seed.
8. Prostate: It is made paste with celery seed.
9. Skin cleaning: It is made cream with olive oil.
10. Convalescence period: Pollen paste is consumed by the patient.
11. Elderly and babies: Pollen itself or mixed with honey and milk is drunk by old people and babies.


Pollen is the substance that bees collect from flower. It is a vital element for human body.