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Natural Pharmacy




It causes constipation.


Lukewarm honey sherbet is drunk.


1. Intestine tapeworm: Pomegranate tree roots or the fruits’ shells are boiled and sweetened with honey.
2. Diarrhea: Its fruit is consumed or shells are boiled and drunk.
3. Nausea and vomiting: Sour pomegranate is eaten.
4. Increasing urine: Pomegranate juice is drunk or it is eaten.
5. Mouth wounds: Sour pomegranate juice is sweetened with honey and gargled.
6. Stomach inflammations: Sour pomegranate molasses are sweetened with honey.
7. Expels insects and poisonous animals: If the shells of the tree are put in the cellar, insects stay away.
8. Digestive: Eating pomegranate after meals helps digestion.
9. Strengthening stomach: eating pomegranate strengthens the stomach.
10. Strengthening the gum: Pomegranate and its shell strengthen the gum.
11. Relieves thirst: You don’t feel thirsty after eating pomegranate.
12. Tachycardia: Drinking pomegranate juice relieves tachycardia.
13. Wounds, inflammations: Pomegranate molasses are applies on wounds or inflammations or pomegranate flower is made lotion and applied.
14. Jaundice: Pomegranate juice is drunk.
15. Old wound: A kind of cream is made out of pomegranate flower and sarcocol oil and applied on wounds, etc.
16. Headache: Sour pomegranate molasses is drunk.
17. Strengthening the gum: Pomegranate shell, misvak and gallnut is made powder and applied on gums.


It excels the toxins in the body. It strengthens the stomach and pomegranate shell is used as a vegetal dye.