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Natural Pharmacy




It has no side effect that is known. Fried potatoes may cause harm on people who has ulcer.


1. Diabetes: It lowers the amount of sugar in blood; it is inevitable for people who have diabetes.
2. Stomach problems: It does no harm on diabetics if mashed or boiled. It is good for ulcer if 3 glasses of its essence is drunken everyday.
3. Burnt: Potato is made porridge and tied on burnt.
4. Liver weakness: A glass of potato essence is drunk.
5. Gall stone: Lemon is squeezed on its essence water and 3 cups of this mixture is drunk when hungry.
6. Hemorrhoids: Potato porridge is tied on hemorrhoids.
7. Intestine worms: 1 glass of its essence is drunk before breakfast. It may be drunk mixed with carrot juice.


It comes from the aubergine and tomato family. Purple potato is poisonous. Potato meals should be consumed in a day. Microbes may grow otherwise.