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"Pumpkin & Marrow"

Pumpkin & Marrow



1. Constipation: Eating marrow meal facilitates digestion and relieves constipation.
2. Headache: If the head is washed with the marrow juice, it relieves headache.
3. Tapeworm, worm, maggot killer: About 300gr pumpkin seed is eaten in the morning before breakfast, or the seeds are grounded and kept in the water till its odor turns into white. This water is drunk in the morning before breakfast. Afterwards, nothing is consumed for 3 hours and then English salt is dissolved in the water and drunk. The patient becomes diarrhea. An hour later, the patient could eat meal.
4. Increasing the blood amount: Eating pumpkin increases the blood amount. If eaten regularly, it softens the skin and whitens the face.
5. Abscess and swellings: When marrow porridge is tied onto the abscess and swellings, it relieves them.
6. Increasing urine: If the pumpkin seed is boiled and drunk, it increases the urine amount.
7. Malaria: Marrow soup is the best meal for people who have malaria. To eat it with vinegar is also useful.
8. Bone: If marrow is eaten with sour pomegranate or sumac, it is useful for bones.
9. Hemorrhoids: Eating marrow meal heals hemorrhoids.
10. Cough: Marrow meal softens the breast and stops coughing.
11. Nerve relaxing: If made syrup from its juice and drunk, it relieves nervousness, headache and madness.
12. Cancer: Eating marrow meal prevents one from cancer.
13. Diabetes: Marrow meal is useful for diabetics.
14. Old cough: 100gr pumpkin seed, 100gr melon seed, 100gr starch and 100gr gum Arabic are made paste with one kilo of honey and eaten regularly (1spoon everyday).
15. Malaria: Pumpkin dessert and marrow meal is useful for malaria.
16. Muscle ache: Marrow meal is beneficial for muscle ache and headache.
17. Headache: If row marrow is grated and then its juice is inhaled into the nose, it relieves headache.
18. Heart illnesses: 20gr purslane seed, 20gr pumpkin seed, 20gr cucumber seed are grounded together, boiled and then drunk.


Pumpkin seed relieves nervousness and kills the maggots. Pumpkin relieves the acid in the body. If eaten with date, it helps gaining weight. Since it doesn’t have much calorie, it is useful for digestive system. If pumpkin dessert is made with honey, it is much more useful. Rubbing the body with bath gloves made from pumpkin fiber accelerates the circulation of blood.