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Natural Pharmacy




Normally it has no side effect. It is easy to digest if eaten with its leaves.


1. Articulation, inflammation: People who have articulation rheumatism and inflammation must consume a large amount of radish.
2. Cough, bronchitis: Cooked radish is useful for cough and bronchitis.
3. Acne: Radish juice is sweetened with honey for throat inflammation.
4. Urine: Radish salad is consumed.
5. Gives body strength: Radish seed is grounded and made paste with honey.
6. Clears the liver: Every morning one tea glass of radish juice is drunk.
7. Heals the wounds: Radish seed is boiled with vinegar and made cream with honey.
8. Strengthens hair: Radish is consumed with garlic for a long time.
9. Kidney stones: Black radish is grated, boiled and mixed with water and honey before drinking.


Radish seed root and leaves heal every kind of health problems. It is much better to eat radish after the meals. It shouldn’t be consumed with yoghurt not to cause nutrition poisoning.