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Antica Azienda Raineri



Prela, Riviera Ligure di Ponente, and Selezione Primavera Mosto

This well-known Ligurian company offers extra-virgin olive oil from their own farm in the ancient village ofPraelo as well as blended oils from the whole of the Ponente region.

The Raineri farm lies in the heart of Ligurian olive territory a valley named La Valletta, or 'little valley', about 12 miles inland from the sea. It is protected to the north by the Alpes Maritimes and the olive trees thrive in the chalky rock of the region. The Taggiasca olive is king here and only this olive variety is used in the Raineri oils.

Prela extra-virgin olive oil, packed in an elegantly tall and slim bottle, is the Raineri family estate oil. The flavour is smooth and sweet with a mixture of fruit and nuts. The pepper is light.

You cannot miss Raineri Riviera Liguria di Ponente extra-virgin olive oil - it is completely wrapped in gold foil. The oil has a wonderfully fresh and lemony aroma with apples and almonds. The flavour is smooth and sweet with a mixture of almonds and lemons. The light peppery taste builds up quite strongly but with a smooth aftertaste.