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It doesn’t have any harm at normal conditions. But if too much sage is taken, it may cause stomachache.


1. Asthma: If it is steeped with stringy herb, it is beneficial for asthma.
2. Blood cleaning: If it is steeped with thyme and sweetened with honey, it cleans the blood.
3. Cough, bronchitis: If it is drunk after being steeped with daisy, mint and thyme, it is beneficial for coughing.
4. Exhaustion- Fatigue: Sage is steeped and sweetened with honey before being drunk.
5. Stomach illnesses: Sage is beneficial for nausea and digestion problems.
6. Heart strengthening: Sage is beneficial if steeped and drunk with azarole and lemon balm.
7. Whitening the teeth: If it is grounded and applied on the teeth, it whitens the teeth.
8. Hair strengthening: It feeds the hair if it is washed with sage lotion.
9. Diabetes: If sage is steeped and drunk continuously, it decreases blood sugar.
10. Calming the nerves: It calms the nerves down if it is drunk after being steeped with sheepdog-herb.
11. Angina, mouth and throat inflammation: It is steeped and gargled with daisy and drunk.
12. Eczema- hemorrhoids: The lotion of sage is dressed once or twice a day on the wound.


Sage is a kind of plant that has blue-purple flowers, silver-colored leaves and is like bush. It can be drunk no matter which season it is. It has so much importance for women. It puts menstrual period in order and dries the inflammation and it has a nice smell.