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San Guilliano



Originating in a region known as the 'Land of Gold', this Sardinian extra-virgin olive oil offers a real depth of delicious fruit.

Three generations of the Manca family have farmed the land here in the northwestern corner of Sardinia near Alghero.

The estate includes fields of vegetables as well as the olive groves and much of the produce is bottled and preserved in olive oil.

The groves are planted with Bosese and Frantoiana olives which are hand-picked and traditionally pressed for San Guiliano extra-virgin oil between October and February. The blend is about 70 per cent Bosese and 30 per cent Frantoiana. This results in an extra-virgin oil with a richly fruity aroma with lemons, apples and tomato skins. The taste, too, has a real depth of fruit with complex wild flower flavours and light pepper.

The estate also produces a special Fruttato extra-virgin olive oil which is pressed in the traditional manner from olives picked in the first two weeks in November. The blend here is 50 per cent of each variety. The oil has a wonderful aroma of tomato and apple skins and a full fruity flavour with green salad leaves, a little pepper and an elegantly smooth aftertaste.