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Sartos Fruttato Intenso



This is the first Sardinian extra-virgin olive oil to win the Ercole Olivario Fruttato Intense category, both in 1994 and 1995.

The olives for this oil come from Seneghe on the west coast of Sardinia near the foot of Monti Ferru, where it drops steeply into the sea. The lush countryside in this part of Sardinia remains virtually untouched.

The Cosseddu family groves at Sartos include Bosana and Terza olives. These are used in a ratio of 70 per cent Bosana to 30 per cent Terza. The fruit is picked during the first week of November and is pressed in the traditional manner.

Sartos Fruttato Intense has an intense aroma of grassy fruit with tomato skins and salad leaves. The flavour is very green with cut salad leaves and plenty of pepper. The aftertaste has an interesting flavour very reminiscent of bittersweet sorrel.