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City Guide

Siirt City Guide


Siirt is a valuable place to be seen with climate that four seasons passes by most beautiful way, , productive soils that every kind of vegetable and fruit breed, blankets and carpets that hand made and produced by eye - straining work, curative Pervari honey, large seeded peanut, Zivzik Narı that has unique tasting, natural beauties, historical creations, Islamic saints died in city. Thermal springs, tombs, historical Mosques, Castles and bridges are take important place in historical and touristic values of Siirt city.

Sites of Interest

Billoris and Hista hot springs, Derzin Castle, Siirt Garnd Mosque, Çarşı (Asakir) and Cumhuriyet mosques, Nasreddin and Çarpiran (Dört Ulular) bridges, İbrahim Hakkı, Sultan Memduh and Veysel Karani mausoleums.