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Sommariva Nuovo Moto



The Taggiasca olives for this prize-winning extra-virgin olive oil are crushed in a mill which dates back to the sixteenth century.

He Sommariva mill is set picturesquely,in the old medieval walls of thirteenth-century Albenga on the Ligurian coast between Imperia and Savona. Domenico Sommariva bought the mill 30 years ago and, with his wife and family, has built up the business in conjunction with their family farm.

As well as operating as a fully functional olive mill from November to March the mill also offers a shop selling a range of local produce, some from the Sommariva's own farm, and a museum of antique equipment both of which are open all the year round.

The Sommariva olive oil is pressed from 90 per cent Taggiasca olives and ten percent Pignola and Colombaia. They are grown on the terraced olive groves of the nearby Lerrone and Arroscia valleys. The olives are picked by hand or raked onto nets.