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Normally it doesn’t have any side effects but consuming it over the dose, it is harmful for people who have kidney problems.


1. Constipation: Spinach meal stops constipation. Spinach is boiled and sweetened with honey to stop constipation.
2. Strengthening heart: Spinach is made paste with lemon balm.
3. Wounds: Spinach porridge is tied on the wounds.
4. Tooth decaying: Eating spinach prevents tooth decaying.
5. Increasing blood: Spinach is steeped and sweetened with honey.
6. Swelling tumors: Spinach porridge is tied on swelling tumors.
7. For the pregnant: It is vital for pregnant women.
8. Stress: Spinach seed is steeped and drunk.
9. Backache: Spinach meals are eaten, also beneficial for muscle aches.


Spinach meals are rich of necessary minerals and vitamins. It gives strength to eyes. It helps digestion. It has low calorie so it can be used for losing weight. It is not a suitable vegetable for people who have kidney, liver and blood sugar problems. Salt is not added to spinach, tomato paste and its own salt is enough..