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Drinking vinegar is harmful. It causes harm on hemorrhoids.


1. Kills microbes: Vinegar kills the microbes in 2 minutes.
2. Helps digestion: It helps digestion of the food even in the mouth.
3. Ear inflection: If boiled, vinegar is dripped in the ear; it stops the inflammation in the ear.
4. Prevents inflamed sore in the arm pit: If the body clothes are washed with vinegar, it stops inflamed sore in the arm pit of the children.
5. Grape vinegar is good for inflamed stomach: Vinegar drunk with olive oil is good for ulcer and colitis.
6. Stops over gall secretion: It softens the rigid food in the body and makes the blood thinner.
7. If drunk with salt: Vinegar is good for mushroom poisoning.
8. Hemorrhoids: Vinegar mixed with olive oil is applied.
9. Toothache inflammations: It is gargled when hot to stop toothache, inflammations and strengthen the gum.
10. Eczema, itch: It is good or eczema and itch.
11. Acne: Sour plum is boiled with vinegar and applied.
12. Headache: It is drunk with rose juice.
13. Fever: Vinegar whets appetite and relieves thirst.
14. Kills louse: %10 vinegar lotions kills louse.
15. Cucumber vinegar tightens your skin and relieves wrinkles.
16. Scurf: Vinegar prevents scurfy hair.
17. Vinegar cleans ink spots much well than water.
18. Spleen: Pine raisin is melted with vinegar and drunk.
19. Toothache: Vinegar is boiled with marshmallow seed and gargled.
20. Gum: Vinegar is boiled with salt and gargled.
21. Spleen: Pine raisin is melted with vinegar and sweetened with honey.
22. Blood spitting: Vinegar is boiled with mint.


Vinegar has harm on gall. Rice, cheese and milk mustn’t be consumed with vinegar.