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"Wild Pear"

Wild Pear



It may cause suffering from constipation. Eating fresh, unripe wild pear is harmful. Consuming too much wild pear is harmful, and it may cause heartache. Eating wild pear when you are hungry causes constipation.


It is no good to eat it when you are hungry. When you are full, a few wild pears must be eaten.


1. Diarrhea: When you have diarrhea, it is a good idea to eat it.
2. Poisonous animal biting: After beating the leaves and ores, the mixture is tied to the body.
3. Heart strengthening: Its fruit or grounded wild pear is mixed with yoghurt and eaten when hungry. Plus, compote of wild pear and quince is eaten.
4. Facilitates kidneys: It is dried or grounded and mixed with yoghurt and eaten. So less of it must be eaten when hungry.
5. Fever lessening: Compote of wild pear, eating grounded wild pear with yoghurt or drinking wild pear and quince lessen fever.


It facilitates kidneys like pear. Unripe wild pear must not be eaten. It is a plant which grows without water in the countryside. In Anatolia, the wild pear fruit is dried in the oven, grounded and mixed with yoghurt when consuming. Eating its compote is better to lessen the side-effects. It has two different kinds: white and black.